Kansas and Missouri Merge Into One State Effective Today Creating Kanssouri

Monday,  April 1st 2019 marks a new day for two states in the US. The state governments of Kansas and Missouri have decided to become one. Yes, Kansas and Missouri are merging to become the 49th state of the United States. The new combined mega-state will have a Gross Domestic product of over $450 billion dollars according to the latest data from the US Department of Revenue. The capital of the new state will be Kansas City, Kanssouri which will reside squarely on the border of the two former states.

Democratic Kansas State Representative Monica Murnan is optimistic of the plan because of the infrastructure such as high speed rail and larger freeways that it could mean for Southeast Kansas. It also has the support of Republican Kansas State Representative Ken Collins who resides just two blocks from the Kansas-Missouri line and says the merger will simplify the process of  telling people where he lives. 

Not everybody is on-board though. Life long Missouri resident Emily Wade is not a fan of Kanssouri and believes that Missouri is better off staying independent and that a merger will create duplication between services. Granted, population wise Missouri is the larger of the two-states with 6.1 million people to Kansas’s 2.9 million. Although there is room to grow in the former Sunflower state as Kansas has about 82,000 square miles of land compared to Missouri’s almost 70,000.

This story was published on April 1, 2019. April Fool’s Day

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