Jazz Inspired with Judy Carmichael

Grammy-nominated jazz artist Judy Carmichael first professional performance was at the age of the 17. She started to learn to play the piano with lessons from her mother around the age of four. The native of southern California she first enrolled at Cal State Fullerton majoring in German. Carmichael would eventually transfer to Cal State Long Beach and change her emphasis to communications. Eventually she would make the shift to jazz full-time, working as a performer at Disneyland for 5-years during her 20’s.

To date, Carmichael has released no fewer than 12 albums and continues to perform both in the US and internationally. Her album, ‘Two Handed Stride’ was nominated for Grammy when it was released in 1980.

Hear Jazz Inspired with Judy Carmichael Wednesday nights at 7 on 89.9 KRPS.


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