‘The Crimson and Gold Connection’ Debra Nagy of Les Delices

On Friday February 1, 2019 at 7:30 pm the 2018/2019 Pittsburg State Solo and Chamber music series continues with a performance from ‘Les Delices’. The group which is based in Cleveland, Ohio is celebrating their 10-year anniversary and will be performing their ‘Mozart In Paris’ at Pittsburg State. This week on ‘The Crimson and Gold Connection’ we visit with the Director, Founder and Baroque Oboist of Les Delice, Debra Nagy who talks about the inspiration behind the ‘Mozart In Paris’ show. Also, how Debra likes to provide context about the lives of musical giants such as Mozart and how he struggled early in his career while living in Paris.

The Crimson and Gold Connection can be heard Wednesday mornings at 8:50 and Friday afternoons at 3:50 on 89.9 KRPS.

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