‘The Crimson And Gold Connection’ – Tracy Stahl

When Tracy Stahl enrolled as a freshman at Pittsburg State in the fall of 1985 she had no idea the roll the university would play in life over three decades later. In 1989 Stahl would graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and shortly after would being work on her Masters Degree in Business Administration. Both her educational and professional aspirations would be altered over a 22-day period in 1990 in which her Father was hospitalized at then St. John’s hospital, now Mercy in Joplin, Mo. Already having earned two degrees from Pittsburg State and after the passing of her Father, Stahl decided to return to work on a third degree, this time enrolling at the Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing at PSU. Today, Stahl has earned a total of five degrees from Pittsburg State and is now a faculty member at the Bradley School working to educate the next generation of nurses.


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