KRPS July 2018 Special Programming And Schedule Changes

Join us this upcoming Monday July 16 at 12 PM for a week of special broadcasts of Minnesota Public Radio’s ‘Flyover’ program focusing on water, farming and the importance of the Mississippi River. Host Kerri Miller will be taking your phone calls at 1-83-FLYOVER1 or 1-833-596-8371. You can also share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter using #flyoverradio. 

Do you enjoy critical thinking and discussing some of today’s most important issues? Then be sure to tune in on Saturday July 14 at 1 PM as KRPS brings you ‘Intelligence Squared’.  On this month’s episode, four debaters will discuss whether ‘Safe Spaces On College Campuses Are Dangerous?‘ Do safe spaces coddle young adults who attend college from the real world? You can read more about the debaters, the topic and vote on the topic being debated at 

Finally, if you’re a classical music lover then you will love to hear that KRPS is bringing the ‘World’s Largest Classical Music Festival’ to the Four States starting on Friday, July 27 September 28. The 2018 BBC Proms series is the UK’s annual celebration of classical music from London’s Royal Albert Hall. The series will run for ten-consecutive Fridays from 12 until 2 PM  89.9 KRPS. 

Also, effective Sunday July 22 at 7 PM KRPS is the home of Ozarks Highlands Radio. From OHR’s website, ‘Ozark Highlands Radio is a weekly radio program that features live music, jam sessions and interviews recorded at Ozark Folk Center State Park’s beautiful 1,000-seat auditorium in Mountain View, Ark.’ The show is hosted by Dave Smith. 

The Folk Sampler, which KRPS aired for several years on Sundays at 7 PM ceased production in June of 2018. 


Or you can listen online by clicking this link. 


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89.9 KRPS Morning Edition Host and Producer Fred Fletcher-Fierro

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