‘Focus On The Four States Feature’ – Fun Friday Summer Camps At Greenbush Educational Center



The season of summer means different things to different people. For those with families, it could mean the ritual of a family vacation and the stress and fun related to traveling and organizing such an adventure. For others summer is a time to relax by a pool and catching up on their backlog of summer reading. For kids though, summer (of course) means sleeping-in, watching TV and taking a break from going to school everyday.

But at the Greenbush Educational Service Center outside of Girard, Kansas learning doesn’t end because the school year is over. The center originally opened in 1976 is named for the small town that it is located in, Greenbush, Kansas. The organization has all of the rights of a school district, but it cannot levy taxes so it’s largely funded by grants and charitable gifts. This is an effort to bring educational services to students who would most likely not be able to afford them. This includes offering a variety of summer camps for kids between 4 and 18-years old. 

Recently, KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro tagged along with camp counselors Josh Donaldson and Molly Dugan and their summer camp group of 4th-graders. 

Click this link for more information about Summer Camps at Greenbush. 

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